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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is organized by category, and offers a selection of Frequently Asked Questions and their responses.

    When will Onsite Health be contacting the Unit POC?

    • The Event Manager (EM) will make contact within 3 days of receiving the information from the Contracting Officer Representative (COR)
    • The EM will work with the Unit POC to develop a plan that ensures maximum attendance at the event. With authorization, Onsite can assist in notifying service members of the medical readiness event.
    • The EM will review requested services and space requirements

    What information will Onsite Health be requesting from the Unit POC?

    • Unit rosters and/or IMR sheets
    • Exact address for the event
    • Start time for set up day and event day
    • Number of over 40 SM's attending the event
    • If applicable, the address to ship eyewear

    What is expected of the Service Member prior to the event?

    Complete Part I of the online ePHA 24 hours prior to the event (Onsite will provide an ePHA kiosk at the event should service members not complete this task in advance). Over 40 SM's should fast for 8 hours and be front loaded at the event

    SM's should bring all applicable items listed below:

    • Prescription glasses
    • CAC
    • Dental partials or dentures
    • List of current medications
    • Necessary medical documentation (PAP results, recent lab work, doctor's notes, Dental DD2813)

    All SM's must check out with the Military and Onsite Health

    What equipment/supplies will be provided by the military?

    • HIV tubes, barcodes, and packaging materials (these will be turned over to the POC, labeled and packaged, at the end of the event)
    • Vaccines to be administered
    • DNA and Blood Typing Cards, if applicable

    What are the normal hours of operation?

    Set Up Day

    • 1 day prior to the event (start time determined by POC)
    • Roping off or clearing the parking area will expedite set up time
    • Set up takes 4-8 hours depending on locations and services requested

    Event Day(s)

    • Typically 10 hour day(s) (start time determined by POC)

    Post Event

    • Typically, all equipment is removed immediately following the end of the event
    • Occasionally, equipment may not be moved until the day after the event (if this is necessary, it will be addressed with the POC prior to the event)

    What are the event location requirements?

    • Level parking lot or field preferred
    • Close to a restroom if pregnancy tests or urine dips are requested
    • Quiet area if Hearing Services are requested (away from construction, airfields, highways, etc.)
    • Access to electrical outlets if portable equipment is requested
    • 25 feet of space if vision services are requested

    How many service members can be seen in a day?

    This is dictated by the event request. However, Onsite Health will see as many as possible within the 10 hour time frame.

    How soon will the data be entered into ePHA, MEDPROS, DENCLASS, and DOEHRS?

    • ePHA-completed the same day
    • DOEHRS-Directly uploaded at the end of the last day of the event
    • DENCLASS/MEDPROS-determined by the event request, either real time data entry or within 5 days after the event

    How long will it take to receive lab results?

    • Cholesterol, Hemoglobin, Urine Dips, and Pregnancy Tests are done onsite
    • G6PD and PSA labs usually have results within 5 days

    Are daily reports available from the Lead Event Manager?

    Reports are sent out at the beginning, noon, and end of the event to the requested POC’s including Soldiers checked in and checked out as well as the status of the event. Post event reports can be provided in the format requested by the COR.

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