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Military Services


get well DEPLOYED.

Onsite Health is the national leader in supporting state-specific U.S. Army National Guard Medical Readiness contracts across the US. Our services are also available to other Reserve and Active Duty Components across all Services.

For the Army National Guard, our goal is to develop a professional relationship with your state to ensure that all of your unit medical readiness requirements are satisfied and that your medical readiness numbers consistently improve. We want to help your state compete for the highest readiness in the nation. Onsite Health is a 24/7 partner who gives you a dedicated point of contact to provide assistance when you need it. You will not be given an 800 number and told to press 1, then 4 until a person answers the phone. We do more than just show up on event day. Onsite Health will be a supporting member of your team.

Our scope of services currently includes:

  • Medical screenings
  • Dental exams and treatments
  • Hearing exams (DOEHRS and SPRINT)
  • Vision exams, eyeglass fittings and prescription verification
  • Basic laboratory studies
  • Immunizations
  • Women's health exams
  • Over 40 male exams
  • Health case management
  • Health records processing
  • Behavioral health supplemental event support and post-event case management

If you would like to learn more about our services, please request a phone call or visit from our client relations team.

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