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  • get well <em>suited.</em>

    get well suited.

    Every client and unit has different needs; a one-size-fits-all solution is really no solution at all. Years of partnering with the military means we understand this, and tailor all of our services to your specific needs and requirements.

  • get well <em>deployed.</em>

    get well deployed.

    Successfully deploying a unit means getting and keeping your readiness numbers in the green. We get you green faster and more accurately.

  • get well <em>and ready.</em>

    get well and ready.

    We help you get your unit medically ready faster and without the headache—from customizing readiness support services, to real time data entry, to accurate profiling. All so you can focus on the rest of your mission.

  • get well <em>guided.</em>

    get well guided.

    Years of partnership with the US Military means we know the ins and outs of the contracting process. Our team is available to participate in discussions with your contracting office to fully explain our capabilities and various pricing options.

  • get well <em>trained.</em>

    get well trained.

    Our medical readiness services are 'fire and forget', so you can spend more time getting your soldiers combat ready and less time getting them medically ready.

get well deployed.

Onsite Health is the national leader in supporting state-specific U.S. Army National Guard Medical Readiness contracts, across the US. Our services are also available to other Reserve and Active Duty Components across all Services.

For the Army National Guard, our goal is to develop a professional relationship with your state to ensure that all of your unit medical readiness requirements are satisfied and that your medical readiness numbers consistently improve. We want to help your state compete for the highest readiness in the nation. Onsite Health is a 24/7 partner who gives you a dedicated point of contact to provide assistance when you need it. You will not be given an 800 number and told to press 1, then 4 until a person answers the phone. We do more than just show up on event day. Onsite Health will be a supporting member of your team.

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